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How to Change Snapchat Emojis?

Snapchat is an amazing application that people can use when they want to chat with their friends and keep in contact with them using pictures and videos. The application has unlimited features that people can use to pass their time as the different features of the application make the application more interesting. I am sure that if you are a daily Snap user then, you are definitely familiar with the emojis that are used in the application. 

There are different Snapchat emojis that are used on the application to represent different kinds of relationships and activities that a person performs on the application. You might have seen some emojis in front of people, however, do you know that you also have the option in the application to change and customize these emojis? If not then, allow me to tell you that the application allows you to customize emojis and that is why here in the guide, we are going to tell you how to change emojis on snap

Can You Change Emojis on Snapchat?

You can use different emojis when you want to make your application more interesting and that is why here we are going to mention that you can use them on your Android as well as iOS device to change and customize snapchat emojis whenever you want to. You need to follow all the instructions that we are discussing here. To get more go to Online Idea.

How to Change Snapchat Emojis on your iPhone?

It is not very difficult to know how to change the emojis on snapchat on your iPhone so, you just need to adhere to the instructions that we are mentioning here. 

  1. Access your Snapchat account and open your Settings on the device. 
  2. Now, you need to open the ‘Manage’ option that is present in the Additional services section. 
  3. You will see the Snapchat emojis option where you can open any section such as the ‘Friend Emojis’. 
  4. Choose any emoji from the different emojis that are present on the screen and after that, you just need to go back to the home screen to apply the changes. 

Customize Snapchat Emojis on your Android Device

If you have an android mobile phone then, you just need to use these commands when you want to know how to change snapchat emojis

  1. Open your Snapchat account and use the gear icon to access the settings for your Snapchat account. 
  2. You need to scroll down in the drop-down menu to where you will be able to see the ‘Customize emojis’ option. 
  3. Choose any emoji and then, pick your preferred emojis from the different options presented to you.
  4. This will finalize the changes that you have made and you can use this simple process to change other emojis too. 

You just need to use the ‘Reset to default’ button when you want to change all the emojis that you have chosen and go back to the default settings. Refer to the brand Onlinegeeks when you want to know more about Snapchat and emojis.